Historical figures


Learn about those men and women who worked before, during, and after Darwin's time. Find beautiful posters about Darwin, Wallace, Anning, Mendel, Walcott, Dubois, and all those scientists and naturalists who have shown us the wonders of evolution. They were dedicated to understand how life evolved on our planet. We have a very clear picture of the whole story today thanks to their patience and commitment, 

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  • Historical Figures. Charles Doolittle Walcott $0.95
  • Historical Figures. Mary Anning $0.95
  • Historical Figures. Biruté Mary Filomena Galdikas $0.95
  • Events in Evolution. Earliest Birds. $0.95
  • Events in Evolution. Earliest Hominid Fossil. $0.95
  • Human Evolution. Discovery of Selam: Australopithecus afarensis. $0.95
  • Human Evolution. Discovery of the Laetoli Footprints. $0.95
  • Human Evolution. Lucy: Australopithecus afarensis. $0.95
  • Human Evolution. Donald Johanson Discovers Lucy. $0.95
  • Human Evolution. Leakey Discovers Turkana Boy: Homo erectus. $0.95
  • Human Evolution. Discovery of the Peking Man: Homo erectus. $0.95
  • Human Evolution. Dubois discovers Java Man: Homo erectus $0.95
  • First Scientists to Explain Evolution. Mendel, Fisher, Wright, Dobzhansky, and Mayr. $0.95
  • First Scientists to Explain Evolution: Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace. $0.95
  • Historical Figures. Charles Darwin. $0.95
  • Charles Darwin. On the Origin of Species. $0.95
  • Charles Darwin. The Most Important Character in Evolution $0.95
  • Evolution in Darwin´s Lifetime: Thomas Malthus $0.95
  • Evolution in Darwin´s Lifetime: Thomas Huxley $0.95
  • Evolution in Darwin´s Lifetime: Robert Chambers $0.95
  • Evolution in Darwin´s Lifetime: Gregor Mendel $0.95
  • Evolution in Darwin´s Lifetime: Ernst Haeckel $0.95
  • Evolution in Darwin´s Lifetime: Charles Lyell $0.95
  • Evolution in Darwin´s Lifetime: Alfred Wallace $0.95
  • Evolution in Darwin´s Lifetime. Chambers, Huxley, and Malthus. $0.95
  • Evolution in Darwin´s Lifetime: Wallace, Lyell, Haeckel, and Mendel. $0.95
  • Evolution After Darwin: Dian Fossey $0.95
  • Evolution After Darwin: Jane Goodall $0.95
  • Evolution After Darwin: Biruté Galdikas $0.95
  • Evolution After Darwin: Lynn Margulis $0.95
  • Evolution After Darwin: William Donald Hamilton $0.95
  • Evolution After Darwin: Stephen Jay Gould $0.95
  • Evolution After Darwin: Stanley L. Miller $0.95
  • Evolution After Darwin: Alexander Ivanovich Oparin. $0.95
  • Evolution After Darwin: Hamilton, Margulis, Galdikas, Goodall, and Fossey. $0.95
  • Evolution After Darwin: Oparin, Fisher, Wright, Dobzhansky, Mayr, Miller, and Gould. $0.95
  • Evolution Before Darwin: Jean-Baptiste Lamarck $0.95
  • Evolution Before Darwin: Georges-Louis Leclerc, Comte de Buffon. $0.95
  • Evolution Before Darwin: Georges Cuvier. $0.95
  • Evolution Before Darwin: Carl von Linné $0.95
  • Evolution Before Darwin: Benoit de Maillet. $0.95
  • Evolution Before Darwin: Al-Jahiz. $0.95
  • Evolution Before Darwin: Aristotle, Al-Jahiz, de Maillet, and von Linne. $0.95
  • Evolution Before Darwin: Aristotle. $0.95