Events in Evolution. Africans Went Out of Africa


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Africans similar to modern humans went out of Africa 1 million years ago

No one knows the precise history of our ancestors around 2 million years ago due to the scarcity of the fossils. What we do know is that by 1 million years ago, they already inhabited vast areas of Africa, Europe, and Asia. The species are Homo heidelbergensis and Homo antecessor. Researchers believe they originated from Homo ergaster in Africa and are thought to be the ancestors of the Neanderthals.

Their foremost characteristic is an increase in brain volume that brought them within the range of modern Homo sapiens.

We know they are not the same type of human as Homo erectus. Instead, they are an isolated population with features that gave them a reproductive advantage over the descendants of Homo erectus who had left Africa a million years earlier.

Those who support this “Out of Africa” theory occurring about 1 million years ago argue that these individuals quickly replaced those Erectus populations that had survived in Europe and Asia.

A second migration from Africa occurred around 50,000 years ago, when a not very large population of fully modern humans with culture and technology, initiated the conquest of the whole planet.

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