Events in Evolution. Earliest Stone Tools


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2.5 million years ago. Earliest stone tools.

2.5 million years ago, hominids inhabiting the area of Olduvai in Tanzania were already making stone tools used for cutting, scraping and hitting. All the objects found in this area and from this period are known as the Oldowan Technology. There is no certainty which hominids were the tool makers, but what is clear is that to produce these devices, they had to have a brain capable of planning, teaching, and learning.

Some flakes, found in Ethiopia and dated 2.6 million years ago, were produced by striking off the core stone and intentionally shaping them into tools with points and edges. Animal bones found in the same locations show cut marks. These scars suggest that knives were used to scavenge meat and marrow of antelopes and other big mammals.

This behavior must have favored our ancestors while butchering an elephant. Besides, it shows they had much better skills to get food than today´s chimpanzees.

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