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Human Evolution. Discovery of the Peking Man: Homo erectus.


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In 1929 Davidson Black discovers the Peking Man: Homo erectus

Davidson Black (1884-1934) was a Canadian doctor who worked in China. In 1928, he found some teeth, a lower jaw, and cranial fragments in Zhoukoudian, near Beijing.

By 1929, with the support of the Rockefeller Foundation, Black managed to stay in China in the middle of the revolution and found a complete skull which he named Sinanthropus pekinensis. This discovery strengthened the idea, commonly accepted in those years, that man had evolved in Asia.

During Second World War, Black’s fossils were lost, but fortunately, there are excellent casts and reliable descriptions of the original bones.

Today these remains are known as Peking Man, are an example of Homo erectus, and are dated between 200 and 500,000 years old.

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