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Human Evolution. Neanderthals: Their Lifestyle.


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Neanderthals: their lifestyle

Most Neanderthals died before the age of 30. We know this from the bones found in Europe and Asia. None lived past 40. In contrast, humans who lived at the same time reached age 50.

Some of the remains show that Neanderthals were able to survive with disabilities for many years. Some remains show healed fractures: this means that there were individuals who took care of and fed the wounded. These examples are evidence of emotional life.

The amount of Neanderthal bones found in caves is enormous. The way the bodies lie suggests they buried their dead, and possibly even had a kind of religion. The tombs never contain objects of daily life, only bones, except in one case. There is a grave in Iran where there was flower pollen next to a skeleton. This find could mean they practiced rituals while preparing their relatives for some life after death.

Many of the remains show that their bone fractures healed during life, including many in the area of the head and neck. One study indicates that the type of fractures suffered by Cowboys is very similar to those the Neanderthals had. This fact also suggests that they suffered injuries while hunting animals.

All the sites with Neanderthal bones show that they lived in small communities, perhaps because their culture never created a cohesive community, and their daily routine was always the same and the simplest: go hunting, make fire, build tools, eat and make clothes.

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