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Homo sapiens Artwork. Paintings in the Cave of Altamira


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The paintings in the Cave of Altamira, in Spain

Altamira is a cave, located near Santillana del Mar in northern Spain, which holds one of the best examples of rock art. Marcelino Sanz de Sautuola, an amateur paleontologist, owner at the time of that piece of land, discovered the cave in 1879.

He was looking for prehistoric tools on the floor of the cave while his little daughter Maria ran playfully in and out. Suddenly, the girl cried, “Look, Papa, oxen!” She had turned to the ceiling and seen one of the bisons painted on the rock.

They had discovered paintings done 14,000 years earlier, on average, by the inhabitants of the region. Sautuola faced the difficult task of convincing the world that the pictures were authentic. He was charged with the crime of forgery and called a liar and a scoundrel. The man who had been the first to comprehend that the Altamira paintings were original prehistoric art, died in 1888 distraught, miserable and troubled.

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