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Homo sapiens Artwork. Venus of Willendorf.


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22,000 years: the age of the Venus de Willendorf

In 1908, Josef Szombathy, an Austro-Hungarian archaeologist, found near the city of Willendorf, Austria, a sculpture of a woman made around 22,000 years ago. Currently, the original figurine is in the Natural History Museum of Vienna, but there are replicas displayed in several museums.

It is one of the oldest female figures made by Homo sapiens, carved from limestone not local to the area. The sculpture represents the body of a corpulent naked woman, with big breasts and buttocks, suggesting it represents fertility. Interestingly, it lacks facial features.

It is still possible to see the original red ochre tint. This piece is another example of the artifacts produced by the first Homo sapiens who populated Europe, human beings just like us, with the same skills and abilities of our contemporary artists.

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