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Homo sapiens Artwork. Cave of Lascaux, France.


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18,600 years ago: artists painted the Cave of Lascaux, in France

The cave of Lascaux is perhaps the most spectacular and the best known cave in France. The entrance was discovered in 1940 by four teenagers who were playing treasure hunt to relieve the long days of boredom and idleness the French people were suffering during the German occupation.

Lascaux is much more modern than Chauvet and a little earlier than Altamira. Its paintings date around 18,600 years. Human activity in Lascaux lasted over a thousand years, maybe less.

The cave contains hundreds of paintings on rock, depicting horses, aurochs, bison, reindeer, mountain goats, deer, bears, cats and rhinos. Access to the original cave is not possible due to the invasion of fungus, but there is an identical replica where visitors may view the paintings without causing any damage.

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