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Homo erectus Produced Artwork 280,000 Years Ago


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280,000 years ago appears the first evidence of art made by Homo erectus

The age of the oldest human figure, found in Berekhat Ram, Israel, is 280,000 years old. Due to the large number of remains found there, the coexistence of Homo neanderthalensis, Homo erectus and Homo sapiens is undisputable.

The archaeologists who found the Venus of Berekhat Ram claim it was sculpted by Homo erectus, the species better known as the traveler hominid because they were the first ones to go out of Africa at least 1.6 million years ago and settle in Asia and Europe.

Experts are confident that Homo neanderthalensis did not make this figure since they left no evidence of art production. Neither was it made by Homo sapiens since the species did not even exist 280,000 years.

Homo erectus is the most successful hominid species to have ever lived on the planet, much longer than the length of time Homo sapiens has existed. They survived for about 2 million years before disappearing in Asia and Europe 100,000 years ago.

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