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Homo sapiens Artwork. Oldest Sculptures and Musical Instruments.


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The oldest sculptures and musical instruments made by Homo sapiens appear 35,000 years ago

The earliest evidence of instruments and sculptures produced by Homo sapiens were found in the cave of Hohle Fels, Germany, in 2008. The oldest artifacts dated between 35 and 40 thousand years old are a flute made of bone and a sculpture of a woman, called the Venus of Hohle Fels.

In 1939, an ivory figure depicting an individual half human and half lion, dated around 32,000 years old, was found in the same cave.

There are many other examples of prehistoric art coming from different parts of Europe dating between 10 and 30 thousand years ago.

The figures that stand out are the ones made out of reindeer horn and mammoth tusk found in Montastruc (France), the Venus of Menton (Italy), the Zaraysk Bison (Russia) and the female figures from Dolni Vesonice (Czech Rep.)

All these artifacts were produced by the first Homo sapiens who populated Europe, human beings just like us, with the same skills and abilities of our contemporary artists.

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